Enterprise Finally it’s possible to integrate advanced, wireless, keyless access control in custom designer style, in real time, within a full-featured, enterprise-class IT environment such as Continental Access® CA4K® or Lenel OnGuard®. Ideal for educational, commercial office or residential multi-dwelling settings, durable Grade 1 locks plus choice of ID credential technology, attractive ArchiTech models can be added on to control doors within existing enterprise systems or part of a new building’s overall design.
• Risk and security managers can simplify security administration this attractive, interoperable enterprise platform for locking, access control, alarms, video, badging, elevator control & visitor management scalable from one to over tens-of-thousands of doors, for one building, an entire campus, or over many remote locations across the world • With infinite finish and trim choices and multiple access credentials, are Ideal for blending sophisticated keyless access into any aesthetic or application, supporting both ArchiTech, and all standard Networx Series wireless locks in real time • Support virtually unlimited users and multiple card/ID technologies simultaneously, prox, smart cards, PIV cards, magstripes, HID fobs and more • Acting as cost-effective, wireless single-door controllers within your choice of several leading enterprise software platforms, with integral door position indicator and power built in, they’re ideal intelligent edge devices • Proven, low maintenance with durable all ANSI/BHMA Grade 1. hardware and unsurpassed battery-life, with approx. 2 years of use, in real-time, in even high-traffic areas, using off-the-shelf AA batteries & advanced Power-Saver circuit, with scheduled radio-dormant mode.
 (Actual battery life dependent upon setting, traffic & transactions)
An example of a CA4K Enterprise Integration with ArchiTech Networx Locks:
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